CzechMates Glass 3/6mm Indigo Picasso 2-hole Beads

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Quantity: 50
Length: 6mm
Width: 3mm
Depth: 3mm
Hole Size: up to 20ga
Color: Indigo Picasso
Material: Glass

The CzechMates™ Brick maintains the same uniform bead spacing as the Tile, the original CzechMates™ shape, and is shared by its beading relatives: the CzechMates™ Lentil and Two Hole Dagger. When combined with the various elements of the CzechMates™ system, the Brick becomes a true building block of modern beading.

The exceptionally versatile CzechMates™ Brick works splendidly in traditional stringing and bead weaving. It is also a perfect complement to our extensive line of TOHO Seed Beads.


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